Home is a series that introduces a familiar subject appearing frequently through Murphy’s 2D work; birds and nature. In this series Murphy has used grey paint to alter perceptions of common or garden bird tables and bird houses. ‘The grey is intended to make the objects seem unfinished, occupying a space that is neither functional or practical’. Punctuating this grey world are brightly coloured birds that feed from the tables and sit outside the bird houses. Murphy intends the birds to focus our attentions on social orders and society. ‘The birds are looking for a home to live in and for food; in this respect their priorities in their society are not that different from our own’.


Title: Home
Date: 2007
Medium: Mixed, Wood, Paint, Plastic
Dimensions: Various
Several of the Home pieces of work can be bought from my online store. They are supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed by Patrick Murphy.