Neon River

Commission: Art on the River Dearne
Neon River

In 2017 Patrick was commissioned by Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership to be an artist in residence highlighting the significance of the River Dearne and how it has shaped the people and landscape over centuries. The river is at the heart of the Dearne Valley but is often overlooked and forgotten. The residency aimed to raise awareness of the river, where it comes from, where it goes and the impact on the landscape.

For this project Patrick created a series of temporary art interventions that made the River Dearne more visible within its landscape. These interventions also provided a way to engage with community members and groups to begin to unearth a multitude of other stories, people’s thoughts and memories about the river. The interventions themselves were deliberately provocative in nature and aimed to instigate a change in people’s attitudes towards the Dearne or at least remind them of its presence.

Lighting the Dearne Valley

In this large scale art intervention Patrick planned to fire a high powered laser down a pre planned route of the Dearne Valley. The route would take the laser over the course of the River Dearne with the intention of interplay between the body of water and the lights in the sky. The laser was projected over 4 nights in 2018.


Commission: River Dearne
Place: Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire
Year: 2017
Activity: Laser Projection
The above image shows the laser route taken down the Dearne Valley over the River Dearne. Visit the map here
The laser was visible up to 8 miles away from the centre of the laser projection
The above images show the distance the laser was visible. Barnsley town centre is on the left to the right is Doncaster.
The laser was directed to project over Dearne Valley Park’s fishing pond fed from the river Dearne, creating beautiful reflections and a public spectacle across the four nights of the projection.

Neon River

This project received lot’s of media attention, below is Calender TV coverage.