Place of Possibilities: Celebrating Barnsley’s Transformative Vision

A commission by Barnsley Council to visually encapsulate the essence of ‘Place of Possibilities.’ Rooted in the ambitious vision outlined by the Barnsley 2030 Strategy, this commissioned artwork serves as a tangible representation of the borough’s evolution and potential.

At the core of the Barnsley 2030 Strategy lies a profound commitment to fostering innovation, opportunity, and inclusivity within our community. Embracing the transformative power of collaboration and creativity, the strategy envisions Barnsley as a beacon of possibility—a place where every individual can thrive and contribute to a brighter future.

Against the backdrop of the Barnsley 2030 Strategy, the decision to commission artwork to represent the phrase ‘Place of Possibilities’ was a natural progression. This initiative serves as a visual testament to the bold ambitions outlined in the strategy and underscores the council’s commitment to celebrating the evolving identity of Barnsley as a place of boundless potential.

Patrick was selected to bring the concept of ‘Place of Possibilities’ to life. His design, featuring the iconic Town Hall nestled within a vibrant landscape teeming with bustling activity, captures the essence of Barnsley’s transformative journey. By incorporating familiar landmarks and community life, Patrick’s artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the rich heritage and promising future of our borough.

Poetry by Ian McMillan: Complementing Patrick’s artwork is a captivating poem penned by acclaimed poet Ian McMillan. Inspired by the spirit of innovation and resilience embodied in the Barnsley 2030 Strategy, McMillan’s evocative verses infuse the artwork with depth and meaning, inviting viewers to ponder the limitless possibilities that await within our vibrant community.


Commission: Barnsley Council
Place: Barnsley
Year: 2022