We will walk here again

We will walk here again
Wastwater towards Great Gable

This is a new piece of work celebrating nature and our beautiful landscapes. It also represents mental liberation from our own lockdown experiences. This work was started and completed in the last four weeks; it began simply as doodles whilst I was trying to imagine being able to walk in nature despite being confined, for the most part, to my living room. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve found that observing nature, drawing birds and spending time just looking more closely at the everyday things has helped distract from the many challenges that lockdown provides for us and our loved ones. I wanted to create a piece of work that focused on the opposite to our lockdown environments and work on something that offered scale and a destination to (mentally) escape into and explore as I worked on it

This view over Wastwater towards Great Gable in the Lake District was created combining a few viewpoints to create a panoramic sweep. The process of creating this was the perfect opportunity to really engage and enjoy the act of drawing and the realising of details such as the trees and fields as the sun shines across them. The colour application is quite painterly and as the detail images show (below) the application suites the landscape perfectly.

Working on this almost felt like physically walking and exploring the rugged landscape shown. I even included a small white cottage into the scene, can you see where it is? In the detailed images it shows the cottage at the water’s edge on the right hand side of the scene and helps highlight the majestic scale of the landscape surrounding it. 

Over the last few days I’ve been imagining myself and loved ones in this cottage, far away from the traumas of lockdowns and viruses. I am really pleased with the intentional escapist nature of the work and hope that we can all walk here again soon.

I hope you enjoy the view across the water.

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Detail images showing different areas of the landscape.