Patrick founded Modernist™ Guides to create a range of city guides. He couldn’t resist making the first guide about Sheffield, he is now producing the guide to London.

Modernist™ produces a range of international City Guides featuring architecture and design spread across time and geography. Our range of Modernist Guides collate and curate classic examples of 20th century modernist architecture and design in cities around the world.
Modernism in design and architecture emerged in the aftermath of the First World War, a period when the leading design and artist avant-garde wanted to see a new world free of war, conflict and social inequality. Modernism isn’t one style, many different 20th century styles can be characterised as Modernist, but they all can be seen to share certain core objectives: a belief that design and technology could transform society through innovation and planning; a move away from historical references and applied ornament; a preference for abstraction and minimalism.

Each city guide has a large A2 map that showcases where modernism took root and developed in each city.

Our range of city guides includes:
Guide to Sheffield
Guide to London
Guide to Tel Aviv
Guide to Brasília
Guide to Chandigarh
Guide to the West Coast
Guide to New York
Guide to Chicago
Guide to Miami


Title: Modernist Guides
Date: 2015