Yellow Jersey Project

Patrick created and curated this project to be a key project for Sheffield Design Week 2014.

As Yorkshire counted down to the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in the summer of 2014, Patrick decided to celebrate a distinctive feature of the Tour’s heritage by inviting leading designers from the UK and beyond to design their own tribute to the famous ‘Maillot Jaune’ yellow jersey.

There are few cycling accolades as prized and revered as the ‘Maillot Jaune’. Worn by the leader of the Tour de France since 1919, the jersey has become synonymous with the talent, hard work and dedication needed to lead the Peloton, which constantly snaps at the heels of the wearer.

The subsequent exhibition is called ‘Yorkshire in Yellow‘ and will see over 60 t-shirt designs, which range from simple drawings to complex illustrations, suspended from the ceiling of Millennium Gallery’s main thoroughfare. The display featured a smaller selection of the total 111 contributions (111 is the age of the Tour de France) from a selection of Sheffield based and international names including Wim Crouwel, Margaret Calvert, Alan Kitching, Corey Holms, Daniel Eatock, M/M Paris, Carter Wong and NB Studio.


Title: Yellow Jersey Project
Date: 2014
Activity: Curator
Medium: T shirts