This series of images was taken at The Orangery in Wakefield. They show a projection of moving Chevrons across the facade of the historic building. It created a temporary intervention utilising the architecture of the building and the familiar compositional structure of the Chevron.

The work references both historical and contemporary visual culture. The Chevron was used widely on medieval knights’ shields and in heraldry; today it is used on vehicles such as fire engines and motorway breakdown vans. It’s also used as a badge or insignia for military and police uniforms to indicate rank.

‘I wanted to create something both familiar and unfamiliar, exploring the transformation of the architectural form against the application of abstract composition. By experimenting with overlapping layers of Chevrons the piece creates a dialogue with historical and contemporary visual culture from the patterns of Tudor architectural beams and Art Deco structures to contemporary dance music visuals’.

Reference: Chevron series of paintings


Projection: Beam
Year: 2012
Location: The Orangery, Wakefield