The Strata project explores the process of transformation, the installation at a former Council Headquarters balances between instant recognition and ambiguity. It is intended to be both familar and unfamiliar and blur our experience of art and everyday life. “I wanted to  transform a building that had a bureaucratic history having been Barnsley Councils headquarters for the past 40 years, and through colour void it’s previous function”.

The Strata building shows a formal progression of Chromatic colours and highlights repetitive structures. The effect is to generate sensations of movement, light and space – visual experiences which also have a strong emotional and even visceral resonance.
Strata provides an exploration and celebration of a fundamental human experience of colour. At night the building changes again into a huge lightbox, further illustrating the palette of colours.


Title: Strata
Media: Architectural Intervention
Date: 2010
Activity: Artist