Flock (Five Corners)

Flock (Five Corners)

Patrick was commissioned by The Chilliwack Public Art Advisory Committee to create an installation in Chilliwack, a city in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

This piece of public art in Chilliwack is now part of a larger international network of coloured birds in outdoor spaces. These birds serve as an extension of Murphy’s various exhibits, including exhibits entitled the “Pursuit of Happiness” in Belgium, “Flock” in Soho London, and “Belonging” in Liverpool, UK, dating back to 2012.

The installation features 14 coloured pigeons that perch dynamically on top of the Five Corners Clock Tower, Wellington Avenue. The Clock Tower can be seen from various viewpoints and is a local landmark.

“His work is known across the globe with a focus on many positive themes, such as belonging, inclusion and happiness,” said Councillor Sue Knott, Chair of the Public Art Advisory Committee.

Images from Public Art Advisory Committee and Jenna Hauck at Chilliwack Progress


Commission: Flock (Five Corners)
Place: Chilliwack, Canada
Year: 2021
Activity: Public Art Installation