Words of Resilience

This project was a collaboration with poet, journalist and broadcaster Ian McMillan in the creation of a text pieces which were created during the first set of lockdowns during the Covid Pandemic. The aim of the project was to create text pieces that appear in the public realm and provide moments of poetic reflection during the difficulties we all faced during Covid pandemic and austerity.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on how we all reacted to using public space. I wanted to use opportunities to create public facing art that could interact with audiences during the social distancing guidelines and could encounter on daily walks or drives.

Working with Ian provided the creation of powerful text pieces that could be turned into neon art. The messages offered help and support in very difficult circumstances.


Commission: Bright Nights
Place: Barnsley
Year: 2021

During the project myself and Ian worked on a series of prints based on the neon artwork.
I used glow in the dark in on the word HOPE on one of the prints. This changed
colour when the print was in darkness.