Soho Pigeon

Flock (Soho Pigeon)

Patrick was commissioned by The House of St. Barnabas and Sim Smith Gallery to create an installation in Soho, London.  These colourful pigeons have become a familiar sight in Soho Square.

Supporting the work of the charity at The House of St. Barnabas through elevating the issues surrounding homelessness in urban environments, this installation is set to evoke questions about ownership and feelings of being accepted or marginalised, representing any group that struggles to find a natural home or sense of acceptance in society.

Patrick also collaborated with musician and artist Keaton Henson on this installation who will create an evocative soundscape to accompany Murphy’s Flock.


Title: Flock (Soho Pigeon)
Year: 2014
Activity: Public Art Installation

The pigeons were installed both inside the interiors of House of St Barnabas and in the gardens.

The pigeon installation also includes being present in Soho Square itself. I created a bespoke hanging device that allowed placement onto lampposts around the square.