Byker Commission – Love Byker

Patrick was commissioned to create an artwork inside Byker Metro Station. The piece of work was greatly informed by the unique nature of the community, architecture and heritage of Byker. After spending time getting to know the area Patrick was influenced by the combination of the colours and geometric shapes found in the Byker Wall Estate and the strong community of local shopkeepers found on Shields Road built on such a long heritage of trade and commerce. These two very different environments are then separated by the Metro Station which delivers people to, from and through Byker.

Patrick brought these contrasting scenes together: the large, colourful shapes are a response to the Byker Wall, whilst the street of shops are taken from the actual shops on Shields Road. The view of the shops on this artwork is an impossible view of Shields Road since you wouldn’t be able to take a shot of these shops. It is instead a collage of 30 different images.


Title: Love Byker
Date: 2013
Activity: Community Workshops resulting in billboard installation at Byker Metro Station.