Dearne Valley Horse

I plan to release a batch of 10 ceramic horses every month starting in January 2022. Each is handmade in my studio and takes approximately one month from start to finish to make, then allow to dry, fire to bisque (which means firing in a kiln once to remove all water from the clay) then to glaze in the appropriate colour, fire a second time at a higher temperature to bond the clay and glaze together. Then photograph and upload for sale.

Pre Order

You can pre-order one of my Dearne Valley Horses from the January release. They will be ready to post/collect at the end of January.

Dearne Valley Horse

Length of horse:28cm
Width of horse: 9cm
Height of horse: 17cm
Signed on base
Limited Edition Signed Certificate


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A project started at the beginning of the Covid lockdowns in 2020. I started to observe horses in a nearby field where I live. I wanted to create a new piece of work that resonated with my local lockdown experiences and the importance of nature to me. I wanted to create work connected to an animal to help explore emotion and I couldn’t think of anything better that symbolised a graceful strength and hope than the horses in the nearby fields.

The fields look towards Broomhill Flash and have a timeless quality, made from the presence of the rivers Dearne and Dove which join here, the ‘flash’ attracts large numbers of birds and the presence of horses that graze in these fields. The horses add a great deal to the landscape, they have a peaceful but strong quality to them that is unaffected by their circumstances. Typically when we have heavy rain these fields flood and the horses simply move to the areas of highest ground and wait for the waters to recede. For me this behaviour metaphorically connected with the way we were feeling during the lockdowns, affected by circumstances out of our control and mentally and physically having to move to another part of our field waiting for waters to recede.

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