Horizon Line

In Horizon Line I used the same palate of chromatic colours I have previously been working with. Like ‘Strata’, ‘Horizon Line’  set out to change and challenge the surrounding space through an installation comprising 150 painted, 6ft-long wooden poles.
Public participation transformed my own process of control to add a new dimension in which I partly surrendered my artistic authority. Working directly with the public the piece changed over the installation period. There were three evolutionary stages to ‘Horizon Line’: from horizontal, to vertical, then on to the development of structural compositions. It was in this respect a
performance piece that involved the viewer/participant within the sculptural processes of choice and creation, from selecting which poles were lifted to a vertical position to directly influencing the overall composition. ‘Horizon Line’ permitted the viewer/participant to become part of the installation through their negotiation of the space and determining which poles would
be moved.

20:21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe


Commission: 20:21 Gallery
Solo exhibition
Year: 2011